martedì 13 gennaio 2015

Online my first 2 spoken interviews with VIPs

I put online on my Web Site my first two interviews in voice, converted from audio cassette to .mp3 & .ogg files. They are in english, so I write this post in that language.

1) Interview with writer William Golding, Nobel Prize 1983, done in London, November 11, 1983

2) Interview with writer Orhan Pamuk, Nobel Prize 2006, done in Istanbul, August 2, 1995
(please note the date: almost nobody at that time knew Mr. Pamuk

You can hear them (both around 45 minutes) clicking here

I think they are pretty interesting.

More to come: I must convert the cassettes to the electronic format, which means exporting them from my Teac cassette recorder to my Mac

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