sabato 17 gennaio 2015

My spoken interview with Sylvester Stallone (Milano, May 8, 1990)

Interview with Sylvester Stallone about him and everything: movies, sons, loves, friends… Even about Isobar, a movie which eventually was never made 

This interview was done in the garden of the splendid house-cum-atelier of the late, great Gianni Versace. It is unfortunately pretty noisy because we did it while having a fast lunch in a pause of the several engagements Sylvester had that day (photos and so on). While we talked (and ate), those jobs and the normal daily jobs of the atelier went on all around us. But just the same I think that it can be interesting.

You can hear it (45 mins circa) on the "Spoken Interviews" page of my Web Site

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